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So many of our clients come to us after spending too much time and money on DIY or store bought pest control solutions that work temporarily or partially but the pests always return, sometimes even worse than before. This causes frustration and disgust. The phrase we hear often is, “I’m fed up.”

Jove Pest Control, Inc. provides affordable, safe, effective, and environmentally friendly pest control service to residential, commercial and industrial customers in New York and New Jersey to help people stop feeling “fed up”. We provide superior customer service so you can be sure you are working with people who care about you and the effectiveness of their work.

Stop spending precious time and money on products that will only leave you feeling frustrated. Call Jove today for pricing 1-844-879-5683 or gain instant access.

“With Jove, I no longer worry about what I’ll find when I turn the lights on.” – S. Tully


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