Multi Family Homes


Extermination for Multi-family Homes

Jove Pest Control works with residents to ensure consistent and effective extermination of pests from the home. We have two types of services offerings for multi-family home pest control:

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Additional Services

The populations of the following pests will be considered special services, and separate from the specifications referenced in a Standard Service Plan.

  • Birds, bats, squirrels, snakes, Norway rats, and all other vertebrates;
  • Termites, carpenter ants, and other wood destroying organisms;
  • Mosquitoes, and other free flying insects originating outdoors;
  • Pests that primarily feed on outdoor vegetation;
  • Bedbugs, fleas and ticks.
[process proc_title=”Inspection” proc_text=”Thorough inspection of the household” proc_icon=”li_search”][process proc_title=”Identify” proc_text=”Identification of the pest and its points of entry and nest” proc_icon=”li_eye”][process proc_title=”Customize” proc_text=”Customized Extermination Plan” proc_icon=”li_params”][process proc_title=”Eliminate” proc_text=”Elimination of Pests and filling in of entry points” proc_icon=”li_trash”][process proc_title=”Plan” proc_text=”Partnership Prevention Plan” proc_icon=”li_bulb”]

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During regularly scheduled service calls to the property, JOVE Pest Control’s friendly solutions experts knock on each resident’s door. When provided entrance, JOVE uses eco-friendly solutions that are non-toxic to kill common pests like the German Cockroach.

When there are reports of mice, JOVE technicians will inspect and place tamper proof rodent bait stations. Jove Pest Control technicians will work with residents to reduce future rodent occurrences.

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