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Seasonal Pest Control Package

Many homes begin to see a few bugs or signs of rodents in the Spring and by Summer are inundated with that pest by mid summer. If the problem hasn’t been addressed by Fall, clients are dealing with an even bigger mess. To avoid the potential of stress and home damage, and even worse, sickness that pests can bring, Jove Pest Control, Inc. is now offering a Seasonal Pest Control Package for 1-4 family homes. The package includes an initial evaluation and extermination in the Spring and additional prevention treatments in Summer and......

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Eliminate Flies | Exterminators | Jove Pest Control, NYC

Are you battling with flies? Frustrated that they continue to come back no matter what you do? Flies are hearty pests. While they don’t live long, they reproduce frequently so it feels like they never go away.   This is fly season and we want to help you better understand what might be happening. You can take steps to prevent flies on your end, but ultimately we recommend professional support. Not only because that is our business, but because it is the best way to ensure they are exterminated properly. Cleaning the home......

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