Cockroach Facts & Prevention Checklist

Cockroach Facts & Prevention Checklist

Need a cockroach exterminator in New York City? At Jove Pest Control, we offer one-time and re-occurring services to residential and commercial business clients.

What You Need To Know

Cockroaches contaminate our food with their droppings, and with the bacteria they carry on their bodies
• Cockroaches are nocturnal and live in groups
• Cockroaches commonly use plumbing connections to travel from one apartment to another
• Cockroaches are omnivorous and will eat anything organic including dead roaches, their own skin casts, live or dead plant material, leather, glue, hair, wallpaper, fabrics and almost any human food.
•  Removing food and moisture causes significant stress on cockroaches. Starvation weakens this pest and makes them forage over greater distances for food.

What You Can Do

• Store food in tightly closed containers off the floor and away from the walls
• Keep food in the refrigerator
• Rotate stored goods to ensure that the first food stored is the first food used
• Clean the kitchen regularly this includes the refrigerator, stove, and counters
• Store trash in tight fitting containers. Dispose of trash at least once a day
• In walk-up buildings where the trash is carried to a central location, trash should be discarded more frequently
• Roaches need water – wash and dry dishes promptly. Wipe dry the kitchen sink, counter tops, and dish rack. Wipe up all spills and puddles immediately.
• Confine all eating, including snacks to the kitchen and dining room areas only
• Never leave pet food or water out overnight
• Clean up and discard dead cockroaches and roach feces. Cockroaches eat dead roaches and the feces contain a pheromone that attracts newly hatched roaches.
• Remove all clutter and debris both inside and outside the kitchen
• Caulk all gaps around kitchen and bathroom sinks, cabinets and woodwork.

Download a printable version of this checklist here: Cockroach Facts.

At Jove Pest Control, we offer one-time and re-occurring services to single family, multi family, commercial residential and commercial business clients in New York City and Westchester County.

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