Commitment To Green

Jove Pest Control uses an environmentally friendly approach to all the work we do. Most pest control solutions can be handled with basic steps that are fundamentally green. We use the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach.

We treat the problem from all angles. We evaluate and educate our customers about maintaining a pest free home. We create an extermination plan to kill the bugs safely and takes into consideration all the customer’s needs including elderly, pets, newborns, health, etc. In some cases, we work with the customers to change some household habits. This may be an adjustment at first, but truly creates greater freedom from pests and worries.

Green can be as simple at fixing your faucet from dripping and not accumulating water that attracts cockroaches to the products used to kill bugs. We all have a hand in the process to keeping ourselves and our environment safe.

Jove takes this very seriously and implements it at every level of the organization.