Does Santa Bring Bedbugs to Naughty Girls and Boys?

Does Santa Bring Bedbugs to Naughty Girls and Boys?

While Santa has been known to bring coal to naughty girls and boys, he and his helpers (a.k.a. friends and family) may unintentionally bring some stowaways/bedbugs when they come to visit this holiday season. To avoid unwanted visitors and keep this season merry and bright, take these few steps towards greater holiday cheer.

Just Say “No!”
When attending a holiday party at someone’s house its tempting to throw your coat on the bed with everyone else’s – but like that last glass of bubbly – just say “No!” Your head and bed will thank you in the morning. Instead place your coat on the back of a chair away from other coats and bags.

Bedbugs are stowaways and will crawl from bed to coat, to coat. Other guests or the host may have bedbugs and you won’t ever know it until its too late. Keep your coat as far away from opportunities to brush up against other people’s coats.

Arrive When the Lights Are On
When setting out to see your favorite holiday movie at the theater, get there early when the lights are still on to check your seat thoroughly for bedbugs. When the coast is clear, you can settle in with no fear and enjoy the movie and even the previews!

Fellow theater goers may have bedbugs and bring them to the theater unknowingly. By checking first, you avoid being the next person to get them and/or pass them on.

Be an early bird
When taking the subway, avoid crowded trains and buses. Now is a great time to start that new years resolution and always be early to beat the rush hour. During crowded times, people are more likely to brush up against one another and bedbugs will stowaway on coats and other clothing to find a new host.

Become a Travel Checker
When you arrive at your hotel avoid what you want to do most, crash on the bed from holiday travel exhaustion. Take a few safety steps first to avoid bedbugs. Check all surfaces and the bed for signs of bedbugs. Keep your suitcase far away from the bed and do not put clothes on the bed or in hotel drawers. When you arrive back home do not put your suitcase on your bed and put all your clothes instead remove all clothes in the laundry room. Put clean clothes in the dryer on high for at least 15 min and wash dirty clothes immediately.

Check Your Family
When staying with your family or friends, the same rules apply as the hotel stays, look for signs of bedbugs on surfaces, keep your luggage and clothes away from the bed and when you arrive back home take precautions with your clothes and luggage.

These small steps can save you lots of heartache and money this holiday season. Share this guide with friends and co-workers and spread the word.

Jove Pest Control wishes you and your family a Pest Free Holiday Season!