4 Tips To Prevent Bedbugs This Holiday Season

Bedbugs have a bit of wanderlust, when given the opportunity they will travel from someone’s bed to their coat, to your coat to your bed. Don’t be the unfortunate host to these costly houseguests, follow these four steps to prevent bedbugs this holiday season:

1. Don’t Put Your Coat On Anyone’s Bed
If you attend a party and the host tells you to just throw your coat on her bed, think twice. You never know who else may be hanging out on the coats just waiting for a ride back to your house. Prevent bedbugs by keeping your coat with you or hanging it on the back of a chair no one is using.

2. Get To The Movie Theater Early
Arrive when the lights are still on so you can check your seat and make sure there are no bedbugs. The holidays tend to be the biggest time of year for people to go to the movies and bedbugs hitch a ride. Prevent bedbugs by planning ahead and getting there early.

3. Avoid using the coat check
We know it’s convenient to use the coat check when at a nice restaurant or even a concert, but no matter how nice the location, keep your coat with you, you won’t regret it.

4. Hang your outer clothes at the front door
Avoid bringing your jackets or outerwear into the bedroom and placing them on the bed. Don’t give bedbugs a free ride to thrive.

If you find a bedbug on your clothes or in your bed, capture it in clear plastic tape and call Jove Pest Control right away 1-844-879-5683. Bedbugs don’t go away on their own, they only get worse.