Cold Weather Brings Rodents Inside

That awful feeling of disgust, fear and frustration when you see a mouse cross your floor is coming. When the weather starts to get cooler, mice find their way back inside to find a ready source of food through the winter months. Domestic rodents constitute a major pest problem in the New York City urban landscape. They contaminate both food and living areas with their urine, hair, feces and other filth resulting in billions of dollars of contaminated products yearly.

Protect your home from pests before you even see signs of them. You will be glad you did. Here are several tips to ensure that happens:

  • Eat in one designated area in the house to reduce the spread of crumbs and scraps
  • Store all food outside of the fridge in airtight containers. Mice and rats can eat through plastic and paper bags. Thick plastic containers and cartons are recommended.
  • Do not leave dishes in the sink or countertops. Wash all dishes immediately after use.
  • Use smaller trash bags and take your garbage out nightly
  • Avoid clutter in the home. Mice make their home in clutter.
  • Store unused clothes in airtight containers or hanging closets
  • Vacuum the base of the fridge and store regularly
  • Seal all openings in outer walls, at floor and wall junctions tight enough to prevent rodent entry. There should be no opening greater than ¼ inch. All entrances to doors in the home should be gap free and tight fitting.
  • Install door sweeps to fill gaps between the doorsill and the base of the floor.
  • Repair all leaking pipes and damaged spigots. Seal all plumbing connections between apartments.
  • Feed pets at scheduled times. Remove leftover food and place in the refrigerator. Do not leave food out all day. Remove water at night.

By doing the above, you will be able to reduce the chances of attracting mice and rats in your home significantly.

Do you think you have a mouse or rat problem already? Give us a call to discuss (844-879-5683) what you’ve seen but here are some key indicators:

  • Small black droppings in and around walls or food areas
  • Hear rustling and movement at night
  • Norway rats feces are 3/4in long and common house mice feces are 1/4in long
  • Rats and mice leave dark smears when rubbing against objects as a result of the dirt and oil on their bodies.
  • Gnawed holes in food bags or containers. Rodents incisor teeth grow 4 to 5 inches yearly

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