It’s the Season For the Most Deadly Insect – Stay Safe

Did you know the mosquito is the most dangerous insect in the world? The mosquito has been known to kill about 1million people per year not from a poisonous sting but from disease that it spreads including West Nile, malaria, dengue, yellow fever, chikungunya, and now the Zika virus. Fortunately in the US, our government and local municipalities take these diseases seriously and work to prevent and help keep you safe. 


However, protection is not universal and there are ways you can help keep yourself safe this mosquito season. Follow Jove Pest Control’s steps for indoor and outdoor protection from mosquitoes and you can stay safe. 


Indoor Mosquito Prevention

  • Screens on Windows and Doors
  • Close Windows and Doors especially in the mornings and early evenings when mosquitoes are busiest
  • Avoid having any standing water in your sinks or leaving water cups around the house


Outdoor Mosquito Prevention

  • Wear light color clothes
  • Wear bug protection clothing, companies like ExOfficio make clothing that helps to prevent bites
  • Wear mosquito repellant
  • Avoid large standing water areas especially in the early morning and evening when mosquitoes are most active
  • Consider Mosquito abatement in your yard for more summer enjoyment outside


By taking these few steps you can help save yourself annoyance from bites or worse. Enjoy your summer pest free!