Commercial / Residential Management


Residential Building Services

Jove Pest Control partners with Residential and Commercial Building Management to create an affordable service package that ensures continual extermination coverage with friendly, reliable staff and the most effective and safe products.

Extermination services are provided across industries for both public and residential spaces.  Jove creates a solution that is designed to best meet our client’s needs including:

  • Regular Scheduled Extermination Services for common pests (German Cockroach and Common House Mouse]
  • Emergency Service Options
  • Public Area coverage (public halls, stairwells, elevators, and compactor rooms)
  • Residential In home coverage
  • Eco-friendly, safe products
  • Dedicated, Friendly and Licensed technicians

Hospital and Health Care Building Services

At Jove Pest Control, we understand each healthcare facility has its own unique pest control needs. Our Solution Experts provide a free consultation and design a pest control plan that best meets your facilities needs and budget.

As with all clients we partner together to ensure pests are exterminated and stay away. Our plans include the following for insects and rodents:

  • Free Consultation
  • Initial extermination
  • Ongoing maintenance including Bedbug Control
  • Periodic evaluation
  • Emergency elimination
  • Free staff IPM or bed bug training
  • Exclusion

“Jove does all the pest control outside and inside of Rockland Psychiatric Care Center.” says Mr. Maipi Melendez, Director of Environment for Rockland Psychiatric Care Center. “We had companies before that couldn’t solve some of our concerns but Jove is very knowledgeable and was able to eliminate the problems.”

During regularly scheduled service calls to each property, JOVE Pest Control’s friendly solutions experts knock on each door. When provided entrance, JOVE uses eco-friendly solutions that are non-toxic to kill common pests like the German Cockroach.

When there are reports of mice, JOVE technicians will inspect and place tamper proof rodent bait stations. Jove Pest Control technicians will work with residents to reduce future rodent occurrences.

Additional Services

The populations of the following pests will be considered special services, and separate from the specifications referenced in a Standard Service Plan.

  • Birds, bats, squirrels, snakes, Norway rats, and all other vertebrates;
  • Termites, carpenter ants, and other wood destroying organisms;
  • Mosquitoes, and other free flying insects originating outdoors;
  • Pests that primarily feed on outdoor vegetation;
  • Bedbugs, fleas and ticks.

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